Stay Grounded

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and four seconds long, and focused on how no one is perfect, and how our flaws are what make each one of us unique.

It discussed how, while self improvement is an excellent goal, it is important to accept yourself rather than beat yourself up over every little thing that you think is not just right.   Perfection is an unattainable goal, as it is subjective to each of us.

Instead, it suggests working on acceptance of your flaws and a path of learning rather than criticism and beratement.

Today’s draw is the King of Zephyrs, which is a representation of a projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of the mind, intellect, thoughts, communication, instinct, and logic. This card is usually interpreted as an authority in the areas of mental acuity and intellectual prowess, but on the negative side of things can also indicate manipulation and abuse of power.

In the King of Zephyrs, what pulls to my intuition is the butterflies and the dead mouse, secondary comes with how the two hawks face each other, and the presence of the thistle along the bottom of the card, which is commonly a representation of aggression and pain, protection, and pride.  

What I see in this card’s imagery is contrast.  There is a push and pull between asserting one’s strengths, and going too far.  It is a “mind the precipice” moment, where you stand in the embodiment your strengths and feel a sense of pride in them, but need to pay heed to what may come if you forget to look down at your feet.

In other words…. don’t get too full of yourself.  Stay grounded.

I do have my moments of feeling cocky now and then, especially concerning how well seated I am in my values and expectations of other’s values in relation to my own.  At these times, I run the risk of riding on the “high horse” where my internal moral compass is concerned.  Today’s card is a reminder to keep my feet grounded instead of getting carried away.

Sidenote:  I feel like my sentences and writing are all kinds of disjointed today.  My brain is feeling very fractured by the subdrop, so I’m sorry if this post is a bit scattered or doesn’t make sense.

Deck Used: The Stolen Child Tarot


One thought on “Stay Grounded

  1. I can’t really see you on a “high horse” or being full of yourself, honestly. You are far too modest most times and fail to see your own attributes. So I really don’t think you have to worry too much on this, love

    And the posts makes perfect sense to me, but I can tell the subdrop is pressing on you. Course I can -feel- it like my own, so it’s that more than your writing that is cluing me in.

    I love you, precious. So very much

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