Be Fierce

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and thirty two seconds, and focused on a body scan where you start at the top of the head and slowly shift your focus lower until you end at the toes.  The focus is on your breath and relaxing each body part as your focus transitions to it.

Today’s draw is the Ten of Swords, which is a representation of completion and endings of a possibly painful sort.  It is also the representation of that moment just after the storm ends.  It is the chaos at the peak of the tornado, and the abrupt silence that immediately follows. Swords, of course, also always deal with the areas of thoughts, logic, and communication.

From a purely intuitive aspect of drawing this card, as this card’s imagery very much speaks to my intuitive side rather than my logical one.  Intuitively, it appears that my day might be filled with some difficulties, that I should be strong and fierce in my thoughts and words in order to bring things in hand and make sure they go my way in the end.

This card’s appearance tells me that I will need to be the voice that says “STOP.  This is DONE.” Sometimes, there is a need to be the one to take control and call halt to the chaos.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed, and the Ten of Swords is speaking loud and clear to let me know it’s time to finish with that and get my ass back on track once and for all.  That is the message…  Be strong and end the chaos.

One thought on “Be Fierce

  1. This post invites questions for me. What is the chaos of your day today? What struggles did you feel the need you to “step up and be heard” about? Were you able to conquer those demons and find the quiet after the storm or are they still rioting outside waiting for you to come back out into the storm?

    Since I haven’t really gotten the chance to ask you how your day was and hear about those struggles from that perspective, it brings these questions here to this.

    I love you, angel mine. And while I want to say that you don’t need to be that voice, that I’ll shield you in the curl of my arms…I know that is not always possible and sometimes your own voice is needed.

    Just remember that I’m here at the end of the day, when the chaos is done(or when it’s still raging) and you can always, always come curl up in my lap and just be soft and small and quiet if you need to.


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