The Truth Seeker

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and forty seconds, and focused on gratitude.

The meditation was a discussion on how it is important to be grateful for what you have so that you’re not always feeling a sense of dissatisfaction in the present. There are always things to be grateful for in your life, whether it’s the big things like stability and love, or the little things like a cool breeze, toilet paper, or a glass of water.

Sometimes it’s important to sit back and contemplate on just how lucky you are, and be grateful for those things you have, rather than always focusing on what’s ahead and striving for more.

Today’s draw is the Queen of Swords, which is a strong (alpha) “feminine” energy, personality, or person in the areas of thought, communication, and logic.

The Queen of Swords has a very independent strength with a leaning toward truth and authenticity.

It is a “cut through the bullshit” card, and when I saw it today it reminded me of an incident yesterday at the gas station.

There was a man at the gas station while I was there that was begging for gas. He had a gas can and he was going around to the people both in the store and out at the pumps saying that he’d forgotten his wallet at home and asking if they could spare a gallon of gas so he could get home to grab his wallet.

I was actually going to give him a couple of bucks when I saw him asking someone on the other side of the pump for a gallon of gas and being turned down. But when the guy across from me at the pump refused him, he turned around and was extremely rude, cursing at the man with a “F you anyway, you effing jerk” among other abusive language of curses.

In that moment I decided that whether or not he was desperate for the gallon or so of gas that he was requesting… he didn’t deserve it.

If he was so very desperate for gas, I do not think he would’ve acted in that way. Yes, I was turned off by the rudeness of his actions. But, in truth, it was as if he showed his true colors, and those true colors indicated that he didn’t really need the gas enough to be courteous and polite.

If he was truly desperate, he wouldn’t have acted in a way that would cast him in such a bad light so that all could then see he is undeserving of what he’s asking for.

It was a scam. He was scamming people. It’s a simple as that.

The Queen of Swords is telling me that this type of inner reflection and search for authenticity is important. It’s important to look at things and see the truth beneath, instead of just whatever is on the surface and presented for you to see.

Sometimes that means waiting and watching for a while just to get the full picture.

One thought on “The Truth Seeker

  1. I think if you observe someone long enough, they will always show their true colors.

    Sometimes it’s quick, just a few moments and you are shown the man’s rudeness and lack of courtesy and you were able to change your mind about helping out…and sometimes it takes months or longer to see that the person is just putting on a mask and that the face beneath is not quite as pretty as they’d like you to believe.

    i’m glad that you saw the man for what he was, baby. Sadly, too often, we’re fooled into letting people close and only THEN finding out that they have some ulterior motive, some bad energy lurking beneath the surface.

    I love you, my precious angel. When the right person is out there begging for gas, I’m sure that you will step forward to help them. I only hope that true colors are easy to see so that you don’t waste that hard earned money on a scam or an asshole.

    Mine man. Always

    And thank you for tonight. God I so needed that time with you. And I need more


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