Full Moon in Sagittarius Lenormand Reading

Full Moon in Sagittarius Lenormand Reading with the Hilda Lenormand

How are you being asked to expand your horizons?

Coffin and Ship – Move away from unhealthy behaviors as you recover from being sick. This illness can be seen as a breaking point, a place where you can break away from bad behaviors and move forward fresh.

What will help you step out of your comfort zone?

Scythe and Clouds – Cut down your uncertainty at the knees. Your inner narrative that whispers doubts and concerns in your ear needs to be silenced, and only decisive action will make that happen.

In what way are you being called to shift your mindset?

Tree and Mountain – Good health (physical or mental) is not a lost cause, merely an obstacle strewn path. Keep working toward a healthier you, even when it feels like the obstacles in your way are insurmountable.

What clarity and wisdom are available to you now?

House and Dog – Take comfort in those you trust most.  Lean on them and spend time with them.  You are not an island. You need them… and they need you too.


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