Today’s meditation was 14 minutes and 35 seconds and focused on compassion.

The meditation was about not just creating compassion and a sense of non-judgment and one’s practice during meditation, but also in one’s life as a whole.

This is something that I personally struggle with as I constantly feel that I am monitoring myself, and judging myself in order to improve upon myself and my actions from day today, our tower, and minute to minute.

When it comes to myself, I’m a harsh taskmaster. Today’s meditation is a reminder that I need to be a little bit kinder and more compassionate to myself.

When reading from a playing card deck, it is a different kind of conversation than when using a tarot deck.

The way I was taught, the least amount of cards needed for a reading with a playing card deck is two (as opposed to one, when using a tarot deck).

The first card indicates the subject while the second card is for guidance.

The first card in today’s draw is the Queen of Diamonds. Diamonds indicate the area of money, resources, power, education, or success. The Queen of this suit represents an energy, personality, or person related to those topics.

The second card in today’s draw is the Queen of Hearts. Hearts deal with the areas of emotions, family, relationships. The Queen in this suit represents a mothering, empathetic, and healing energy.

I believe that this reading is a direct reflection on yesterday’s, where I wasn’t being quite so kind to myself concerning my finances, and my current financial situation.

The cards are telling me that as harsh as I was about my spending, I also need to be kind to myself and forgiving.

I haven’t broken the bank. I’m not destitute. I’m not going to be losing my home, or even miss mortgage payment or fall behind on my bills. So it’s time to be forgiving and cut myself a little slack for my recent past behavior in this area.

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Forgiveness, especially -self- forgiveness is a difficult thing for you, yeah? You’re always really hard on yourself but right now seems to be an especially hard time for you. I’m really glad to see your self reminders going up here. To be kinder to yourself. To be patient. Understanding.

    To forgive yourself those moments…

    And for the record, watching you indulge in your guilty pleasure buying your deck the other night made -me- feel good, so you can consider it a gift to both of us*winks* To help soothe your guilty conscience.

    I love you, beautiful boy.


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