Seeking Emotional Stability

Today’s meditation was done in a quiet room at Ms B’s and… I almost fell asleep. (Oops!)

The meditation today was fourteen minutes and thirty seven seconds, and focused addiction to thought.

That is, how we try to always give each thought that wanders through our head “it’s due” rather than sometimes just letting them go. This is especially relevant and noticeable during meditation, as it is during this time when the thoughts that intrude can be like the temptation of a curious path in the forest that leads away from the one you are already on.

People (myself included) follow their thoughts without even realizing it, addicted to the random paths, to fixing or resolving, to… thinking. Today’s meditation brings this tendency to light as a reminder that during one’s meditation practice (and other times when overwhelmed) setting aside thoughts, rather than following them, is healthy and beneficial.

The first card in today’s draw was the Six of Hearts. Hearts is a suit seated in emotions, family, relationships, and creativity. The six in this suit represents seeking answers and truths.

The second card in today’s draw is the Four of Hearts. This card…. is you. It is an indication of stability and shelter. Comfort. Home.

The cards are telling me that this lost and seeking feeling in my gut this morning is all about you. It’s time to come home. To my shelter. To my anchor. To you.

The cards are directing me to you.

One thought on “Seeking Emotional Stability

  1. *Grins slowly as he reads this post and curls you into that possessive, protective coil as he breathes you in slow and deep* Mine, man. Only mine.

    No matter where you roam, no matter how far you fall, I’ll always be here, waiting to tug you back into my arms. To keep you curled in safe and warm, right here where you belong.

    It’s time to come home, babyboy.
    I’ve missed you.
    And I’ve kept your spot warm.

    *Glancing at the clock with a lift of his chin, then dipping his head to kiss you soft and slow. Lingering there to whisper* It’s not quite midnight there yet, but it is here, so I’m gonna be the very first to say….Happy Birthday, my love.

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