Out of Line

OK, before I do my meditation today, I need to get something off of my chest that’s been weighing on me all morning.

I was really out of line last night, and I am so sorry for it, and for hurting you.

Other than during the last year before coming back to me in full, you have always been the most selfless person I know when it comes to me. You always put me first, you always pay attention and watch closely, you always see so much more than I’m usually trying to show. You always push for what’s in my best interest.

To accuse you of trying to make something “all about you” was so grossly out of line. I don’t know why my temper flared like it did, but the words that came out of me… they were just wrong. On so many levels.

I’m so sorry. I hate that I said that to you. I hate that it will be there between us now and forever, no matter how much I wish I could take it back.

I love you.

One thought on “Out of Line

  1. I am sorry too, my love. My wording, my emotions were kind of a mess last night and I was not at all thinking through what I said before I said it. It came out entirely sideways of how it was meant and I let my emotions get the upper hand.

    That I would even for a MOMENT put you second, that I would make you feel that I wasn’t being considerate of you and all that you are going through bothers me alot. I know you are struggling baby, I know you are doing the best you can to be here with me and come back to me. I never, ever meant to make you think otherwise. I’m sorry, my love, for hurting you, for speaking without consideration and for making you lose your temper.

    You are always my priority. Your needs always, -always- come first for me. I will always try to put my shit aside so that I can focus my attention where it is needed….on you. Why? Because I love you, I fucking adore you.

    I’m so sorry I hurt you baby. I’m so sorry that I allowed last night to happen as it did.

    I love you man. Always


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