Fostering Focus

Today’s meditation was 10 minutes and 26 seconds, and focused on… well, fostering focus. That’s not really what they called it, but essentially that’s what it was and it fits in perfectly with today’s card.

Today’s card is the Queen of Swords. The suit of swords represents a theme of logic, thought, communication, or challenges. Queens represent a feminine alpha energy, personality, or person.

I feel that the appearance of this card today is telling me that I need to check in on myself and my thoughts throughout the day and make sure that I am staying focused. She is saying that I need to cut down on those meandering stray thoughts that distract me away from my goals and the things that I need to attend to.

She also indicates that when I catch myself wandering off focus to be gentle with myself. Don’t be harsh and judging in my self talk, but instead be kind but firm in bringing myself back on task.

One thought on “Fostering Focus

  1. Focus can be difficult when you are in such a deep state of depression, man, so yeah, be kind. It will come, baby. It just takes some time and a little bit of that stubborn will of yours to keep you on the right track and moving forward.

    I love you, my angel. Always


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