Meandering Invasions

I’m starting to wonder if these affirmations are going to do it for me. I might need to find a different source, as this is now the second one in a row (actually the third, cuz I skipped one yesterday that I didn’t like) that I don’t really feel like I connect with.

That said, I did today’s meditation in Calm, which was ten minutes and seven seconds long. My mind kept… I’m not sure if it was wandering so much as meandering into an almost dream-state where a dream would start, and then I’d realize what was happening and bring myself back to the meditation.

The dream-state thing might not of been too bad thing in my meditation… if it wasn’t that every time I slipped that way it messed up my breathing and I ended up feeling like I was holding my breath.

I seem to be having a bit of that anxiety issue this morning. Some tightness in my stomach and my nerves. Discovering that I’d slipped into that weird dream state, and the need for air coming out of it, doesn’t seem to have helped that issue.

One thought on “Meandering Invasions

  1. If the affirmations don’t work for you, love, then maybe it would be a better idea to write up your own, hm? Or find a prepared list that you identify with.
    Though I’m picking up alot of negativity from you with this so far, and I guess that is to be expected, yeah? Especially in the beginning.

    It’s okay, baby. Just -breathe- Slow and deep. And remember that I love you.

    Remember that you’re writing this not only to try and start the day with a positive reminder to yourself, but also as a good morning to me. A way to tell me how your day is starting off and what you’re feeling. Stop thinking of it so much as a chore, a distasteful task and consider it a gift for me….

    I love you, angel mine. So much. You’re going to get through this, I promise.

    And I’m going to be right here beside you. Every step of the way.

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