For Gideon

Also, I’d like you to start writing your feelings for me again. A journal or some other form of communication that you can write on at your convenience, even if its’ just five minutes on the can. I need to know what you’re feeling why and I need us to connect again. I know you’re busy, but you can make time for this.” – Gideon on 25Aug2017

I considered going back to doing this on Instagram, but the problem with that is that sometimes I just don’t have the time to upload/prep photos to post and then put off writing because I didn’t have a photo ready.   So, I figured something like this might be a better option.

This blog host has an app, so I can update from my iPod, etc.  It also allows for comments, which I think makes it better than just a journal app with web access.  We’ll give it a go and see, yeah?

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