Self Reflection on Prejudice


I’ve never really considered myself a prejudice guy, yeah? I mean I guess I am in some ways, but it never really stood out to me until I decided to hire this new worker to come in and work for me as a housekeeper and helper.

I feel all kinds of awkward about him being East Indian… or, maybe you’re right and it’s about the whole “it’s a strange guy that will be coming into your house and touching your things. I know you’ve had housekeepers before but they were also females”, thing.

But what does it matter if the person working for me is a guy or a girl as long as they do the job? Hell, what does it matter if they’re East Indian or whatever, for that matter?

It doesn’t.

So the question is… it either of these things? Neither of these things? Am I making excuses for that internal instinct of mine that likes to speak up a warning when someone is bad news?


Now that I think of it, I wonder if it’s neither the guy thing or the East Indian thing. It has that “fighting my instinct” feeling.


Considering that I know better than to ignore my instincts, I guess that means I’m still looking for a housekeeper and helper.

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