#5FaveSummerDecks2019 (non) VR to Sophquest Synergy

This tag was brought to my attention by Simon over at the Hermit’s Cave, but originated from Sophquest Synergy.

In my mind (and on my excel spreadsheet), I very much sort my decks (not all of them, but many of them) by seasons.  It’s not that I won’t use these decks outside of those seasons if it feels right for the situation, but I’m so strongly connected to the seasons that I suppose it’s not a surprise I would associate many of my decks with one season or another.

I’ve limited the decks in this post, though, to the decks that I actually used during this summer of 2019.  Out of the “summery” decks that I’ve used this summer, these are the five that have really stood out for me….


Stolen Child Tarot – Okay, so this one quickly stole the show for me this summer.  Or, should I say this September.   The thing is, though, that it rapidly has climbed to my #2 spot for all time favorite decks, right beneath the Tarot of the Hidden Realm.  I love the combination of whimsy and seriousness, the expressive complexity of the cards.  I just really connected with this deck, and the cardstock is just amazing.  It feels great to shuffle.


Hanson Roberts Tarot – This has been a long time favorite of mine.  Mary Hanson Roberts does lovely work and I really like her depictions in this deck.  Of all RWS clones out there, this one is at the top of the list for me.  Like all the decks on this list, my “summer feel” is about color correlations, and crispness in artistic depiction.


Luna Sol Tarot – You know those super hot days where the world feels baked crispy and white washed by the sun’s rays?  That’s what this deck reminds me of.  In my opinion, it makes a great end-of-summer deck for this reason.


Linestrider Tarot (with the Hedgewitch Oracle) – When it comes to these two decks, I just can’t seem to have one without the other.  In my mind, they go together as one.  I know that they both really pair lovely with other decks, but I just can’t seem to separate them in my mind.  When I read with the Linestrider Tarot, I often shuffle the Hedgewitch Oracle directly into the deck.  I do it so often that I might end up leaving them some way at some point.


Luminous Void Tarot – For me, this deck is the epitome of sticky summer heat and the melty smudge of cosmetics on women roasting as they go about their days in the oppressive heat of summer.  It’s all about dripping sweat, cloying humidity, and the sweltering of the sun beating down upon the world at the peak of summer.

Like I mentioned earlier.  Seasonal decks, to me, are all about color and the texture within the artwork  (as opposed to the texture of the cardstock).  For me, all of the decks above very much speak summer, and I’ve tried to explain why in each one that I see them that way.

Decks that Intimidate Me – (non) VR to BoyDiviner

The BoyDiviner on YouTube did a video that, although it is not a hashtag, I really enjoyed a lot and decided to do a (non)VR to anyway.

This is about tarot decks that intimidate me in some way or another.  I don’t have many, but there are a few in my collection that fit the bill.  Here is an outline of what these decks are, and how I feel about them.


Secret Tarot by Dominic Murphy

I absolutely love the artwork in this deck.  I love the concept, the originality, the expressiveness in the cards.  I love it.

But, at the same time?  I find it very intimidating.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that after the major arcana, the deck is an entirely different structure.  I’ve had more luck with the Lost Tarot by the same artist, as there seems to be a bit more structure in that one than this one.

Still, I keep it because I love the artwork.  And, at some point, I plan on doing a depth study of this deck to help me (hopefully) become more familiar and comfortable with it and its unusual system.


Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley

I used to think that it was just the Thoth system that intimidated me, but after working with the Gill Tarot and a few others, I think in this case it’s the artwork, not the system.

Something in the artwork for the original Thoth deck just makes me want to ‘shield and retreat’ in much the same way that I feel when I come across someone radiating abusive vibes.   I bought this deck to delve deeper into the Thoth system, but every time I pick it up, it turns me off.   Not just emotionally or aesthetically, but even my intuition turns away from this deck and will refuse to speak.


Wild Wood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews, and Will Worthington

I genuinely adore this deck and its earthiness, although I find the energy of this deck just a but too heavy.   I love the artwork especially.  But, for some reason I have a hard time reading this deck intuitively, and many of the cards do not follow the RWS system, so I then struggle with reading it logically as well.

I did a depth study on this deck for an entire year, but I still find myself unable to read with it confidently, even after a year of serious study.


Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

It’s the faces.   I mean, yes, it’s an entirely different system from any other deck out there, but I think I would be more inclined to learn that system IF it wasn’t for the FACES.  They just bug me for some reason.  I don’t like them.

That said, I do use this deck, but I use it as an intuitive oracle instead. Usually when harsh truths are required.


Spirit Keeper’s Tarot by Benebell Wen

This one is purely all about information overload.  I’m kind of wondering if this deck isn’t more suited to the logic-style of readers rather than the intuitive style?  I’m not entirely sure.   I just find there is SO MUCH information in each card that I feel overwhelmed by them when I try to read with them.

I think they’re amazing, and I think Benebell Wen (who drew each of these cards by hand) is brilliant.  I have the study books that go along with this deck and intend on doing a depth study with it at some point.  But, at the moment, I find it a bit too much and the cards make me feel like the crossed wires between my logic and intuition are about to blow a fuse.



Ethony’s 31 Days of Tarot 2019 (Part 4)


Today, I’m again returning to another installment of Ethony’s 31 Days of Tarot challenge. But, I need to revisit the question I answered in my last response, first before moving on to the newer questions.

The question (#13) had been From the Major Arcana Cards, what card correlates to your sun, moon and rising sign? How has that resonated or played out in your life?

I realized today, while spending hours driving, that I neglected a very STRONG correlation between my sun,  moon, and rising signs and myself, and how they resonate in my life.

As mentioned, my sun sign (relating to personality) is Taurus, my moon sign (relating to emotions and inner self) is Scorpio, and my rising sign (related to how others perceive me) is Gemini.

Well so here we have the sun sign of Taurus, and the element that corresponds to Taurus is earth.  From my botany studies to my green thumb, my love of nature and the green to the way I see the world as a whole, this is the element that I most relate to.  Earth and the green are an integral part of -me-.

My moon sign, Scorpio, corresponds to the element of water.  This is the element of emotions and is my refuge.  When our D/s becomes intense and you take me into that space that so many call “sub space”, I call it “drowning”.   I find comfort in the embrace of water, whether swimming or floating, or just curled up in the bottom of the bathtub with the shower running.  I love the rain, and I’ve always found myself attracted to crystals that are water associated, such as amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, aquamarine, tourmaline, pearls, and selenite (although I hate working with the last one in jewelry).

Lastly we have my ascending (rising) sign, which is Gemini.   This sign corresponds to the element of air, which is in turn related to thoughts, judgements, logic, and the mind.  I’ve been told from time to time that I’m often perceived as “stand off-ish” and intelligent.  The one that stands back and takes everything in before choosing the right path for me.  I am fanatical about fairness and balance.   These are all qualities of that element.

Okay, and now onto a few new questions…

  1. Which tarot decks give you the most insight by way of the imagery and symbology of the cards rather than intuition or basic tarot knowledge.
    I’ve mentioned this deck before, but hands down this would have to be the Tarot of the Hidden Realms. I have never encountered a deck that spoke to me like this one does. In fact, when using it I find that my basic tarot knowledge is often the last thing that I tap into. With this deck in particular, it is all about the imagery which includes everything from the main images and facial expressions to the backgrounds, color schemes, and “mood” the artwork portrays.
  2. What is in your Tarot ‘to-go’ bag? Your Tarot travel bag.
    I actually prefer not to take my tarot or oracle decks with me when I travel. Instead, I pack playing cards and use them as an alternate, and I own a handful of decks that are specifically for this purpose. I also do not take my journals with me, but I will take notes on my phone instead.
    The reason for this is because I was raised to understand that there are some places I may travel and some people I will meet that will have such a strong adverse reaction to my faith (and items of my faith such as the tarot, pentagrams, etc) as to put me in danger. Thus, those items stay home and more innocuous items (that can be used for the same purpose) are taken in their place.
  3. What Tarot card in the deck do you look out for the most when you get a new deck? If you don’t like that card does it ruin the deck for you?
    The Hanged Man, the Two of Pentacles, and The Moon. Honestly, I check out these cards prior to ever purchasing a deck. With the internet, it’s usually pretty easy to get a look. There are times when the appearance of these cards could cause me to reject buying a deck, but most of the time, I can work with a deck even if these three cards aren’t as desirable as I’d want them to be.
  4. What is your favorite way to Tarot Journal? Planners, apps, bullet journals?
    For my daily draws, I do them here on the blog to share with you.
    I also have a yearly tarot/spirituality journal, which in the past has always been kept in a spiral bound sketch journal. I’ve been considering changing over to using a bullet journal system next year though, as I would not be stuck drawing lines on pages to keep my text straight. I’ve also been considering using the discbound system of journals, which I could still use in a bullet journal format. I need to find somewhere I can actually play with one in person and see how it feels in my hands, because I worry that structure won’t be secure enough for my liking.
    I have a “tarot study and spreads” journal that is in a Leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal.
    I’ve also recently begun the process of re-interviewing my decks. For this, I’m using a couple of lined CR Gibson journals, so that I can have one book for tarot and lenormand, and another for oracle decks and other systems. I have several of this particular journal, which will allow me to add a third or fourth as needed, if I overflow the first two in my re-interviewing process (which will happen eventually, because I use a two-page spread for the interviews).

So far, this is Part 4 of the series. Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for easy reference.

I’ll make another post in a few days to continue on with more questions in the challenge.