What Have You Done?

Today’s meditation was just under ten minutes long, and due to having a rib out of place I had a really hard time staying still and settled for the meditation.

The meditation today focused on a full body scan that started at the top of the head and worked its way down to the toes and then back up again.  I ended up cutting off the meditation a few minutes early, though, so that I could spend some time on  my foam roller and work at trying to get that rib back into some semblance of alignment.

Judgement - Hush TarotToday’s draw is the Judgement card of the major arcana, which is traditionally interpreted as to do with, well…. judgement.  Also with themes that have to do with absolution and rebirth.

Honestly? Whenever my mind wanders to the traditional interpretations of this card?  I get that line in that old Janet Jackson song filtering through my mind. “What have you done for me lately?”   I feel that the judgement card is about your soul and moral compass, and that it is them saying that line, yeah?   It’s about either “being on track” with what you value and feel is right… or having been lead astray and needing to re-evaluate and come back on track again.

What I see in this card has a bit to do with that, but also with the visit to the bank for today.   It’s about the clubs in the pillars on either side, indicating passion and drive.  And it’s about the flowers that have grown up over the arch while the supports beneath rot away.

The message for me in today’s card is a reminder to make sure that while I am taking care of the present and planning for the future, that I am also protecting that foundation that I care so deeply about.


#TarotForGrowthMarch Challenge Prompt
: What spark is ready for me to ignite with this new moon?

Animal Totem Tarot

Intuitive Interpretation: It’s time to find a new way of feeling about things.

Take Away:  This feels like a continuation of the theme of most of yesterday’s readings, in that it speaks of looking at things in a new perspective and finding a new and better way to see things, especially concerning my emotions and my emotional investments.

Things can’t always be perfectly stable, no matter how much I want them to be.  Sometimes you have to let go and start anew, and that’s okay.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2020 Challenge Prompt
: What do I need to focus on for self-care this new moon?

Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot

Reading Summary:  These cards match along the same line as a lot of my readings have over the past few days.  They speak of finding the stability I seek by taking a new direction and entertaining new “outside of the box” perspectives and perceptions (Hanged Man).

Take Away:  Sometimes in my strive to develop stability and a solid foundation, I forget that life is about the journey and a big part of that journey is adaptability when confronted with change.   That is a big challenge right now, and I need to stop digging in my heels (and my roots) so stubbornly and allow the changes that need to take place to happen.   Allow them to happen, and focus on adaptation rather than fighting so hard to keep things the same.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: How can I move through my intuitive blocks?

Tarocco delle Vetrate by Luigi Scapini

Reading Summary:  Taking time for introspection (The Hermit) in times when things feel up in the air (Wheel of Fortune) will allow me to avoid becoming defensive (Seven of Wands), which pulls up walls that muffle my intuition.

Take Away:  One of my largest and most difficult intuitive blocks is the muffling effect my inner walls cause when they are erected as a part of my defense mechanisms when I am feeling uncertain and vulnerable.   The cards indicate if I want to move through that block, it requires introspection and honest reflection, rather than my normal habit of boxing things up and ignoring them as I shove them behind those walls.


Je n’ai Pas Peur

Today’s meditation was delayed because I wanted to hop online and spend time with you… and then I ended up having to go pick up Z, which meant that a few hours out of my day were swiped by driving like a bat out of hell north and back south again.

At least while I was up there I was able to both ship out a shipment, and put a hold on my mail up there for the time being so that I won’t have to go back up again until restrictions lift on the border so that I can take Z back home.

I will meditate before bed, of course.

Six of Wands - Hush TarotToday’s draw is the Six of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of harmony and synergy in the areas of one’s drive, passions, and ambitions.  This is often portrayed with themes that include public recognition or accolades, pride and self confidence, progress and especially success.

This isn’t entirely what I see in this card today, if I am honest.  I see a “charge” rather than a parade of recognition and accolades.   I see a “go get’em” push, complete with the weapons necessary to take what is yours and go after what is needed.  This is that moment before the accolades come rolling in.  The moment when you must follow your moral compass and your passions and fight for what is right for you.  This interpretation is reinforced by the French words “Je n’ai pas peur” that’s emblazoned upon the banner the bird wears, which translates to “I am not afraid”.

The message in today’s card is to go after what is important to you.  Go after it.  Fight for it.  Grab hold with both hands, and don’t let go.


#TarotForGrowthMarch Challenge Prompt
: What seeds do I have the opportunity to plant in my life at this time?

Tarocco delle Vetrate

Reading Summary:  A chance to find a better balance (Two of Coins) between my relationships (Two of Cups) and my passions (Wands) by creating better boundaries for myself (Nine of Wands).

Take Away:  It’s no secret that I allow myself to get so wrapped up in my goals and ambitions that I often forget to pay as much attention as I should to my loved ones.  The problem is that, in my case, the path to my goals and ambitions is directly connected through my passions and interests.  So… my drive takes over and I get swallowed up in it.

With everything that’s going on right now, the cards indicate that this is a prime opportunity to work on finding a better balance in this area.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I better handle conflict?

Tarot of the Silicone Dawn

Reading Summary:  Look for a better way (Six of Swords) that involves using your creativity and imagination (Page of Cups) to overcome conflict (Five of Swords) and bring your nurturing spirit forward (The Empress) as a new beginning surfaces when the conflict comes to an end (The World).

Take Away:  Handling conflict is more than about what happens in the moment.  It’s about what happens after as well.  The card indicate that in the moment of conflict, I need to lean heavily upon my creativity and imagination to find an “outside the box” way of overcoming whatever that conflict is at the time.  But, the cards also are making it clear that  what comes after is also important.  I need to remember to be kind to myself and others in the aftermath so that the new beginnings that come afterward will be a healthy one.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: How can I safely enhance my intuitive abilities?

78Tarot Elemental Tarot of the Natural

Reading Summary: Own it.  A hell of a lot of cards to say such a simple answer, but that’s exactly what I see her.   Own It.

Take Away:  There is a crapload of self-possessed power in these cards and their imagery.  It’s almost overpowering and I honestly didn’t bother to break down the cards into their specific messages because all together as a whole the message is very loud and clear.

That said?  I was a little surprised I didn’t get the “don’t do it” response again.  This question has been asked multiple times (in different ways) throughout this month’s Connect With Your Deck challenge, and every time the cards have made it clear I’m where things are and to advance would upset balance and require sacrifice I wasn’t willing to give.

It’s something in the phrasing of “safely enhance” that changed the message… and that message is “Own It“.


Taking Care and Shifting Ground

IMG_3077Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and focused upon using meditation to ease yourself out of anxiety and worry.   Although we don’t necessarily always have an empty mind during meditation, the goal is to not allow one’s thoughts to take over and let them pass by without reaction.

This skill, as you practice it and become stronger at it, is very useful in finding peace in times of stress and anxiety.  Sometimes, even just stepping back for a moment and taking a breath, clearing away thoughts and taking even just a single minute… even that can sometimes do wonders to lower stress and anxiety… and blood pressure too.

With how stressed and on edge everyone is lately, I think it’s really important to remember that you need to take those moments… take those breaths.  Don’t let yourself get carried away by the currents of anxiety and worry.

IMG_3078Today’s draw is the Ace of Wands, which is generally a card filled with potential and new starts for the areas of one’s passions, interests, and drive.

That said, the imagery in today’s card triggered an intuitive hit that had nothing to do with traditional meanings, for what I see in today’s card is very much focused upon the needle and the eye.   The message?   Remember not to touch your eyes.

This is a good piece of advice today considering the current health emergency going on in my area, and the fact that I will be traveling and around others in multiple venues today.  I have a habit of touching my eyes quite regularly due to year-round allergies, which makes this reminder even more appropriate for today.


#TarotForGrowthMarch Challenge Prompt
: What can I do to align with that energy? (Built off yesterday’s cards.)


Reading Summary: Take the bull by the horns and move forward (Prince of Wands) with the qualities of the Hierophant the Fool.

Take Away: Yesterday’s cards indicated that was at a crossroads where I could sink back into fog and darkness, or move forward into clarity.  The cards today make it clear that the best choice is moving forward (obviously I knew that already) and to do so I need to lean into the energies of knowledgeable integrity and innocent enthusiasm.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I replace judgements with more compassion?


Reading Summary: Make a conscious choice (Lovers) that requires me to set aside apathy (Five of Water) grab the reigns with both hands moving forward (Emperor atop Ace of Air).

Take Away:  It’s okay to become invested in others rather than standing back on the sidelines and remaining unaffected.  Just make sure when doing so that you keep a good grip of control on your thoughts so that your own worries and anxieties don’t go taking a trip into those dark places with them.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: What is blocking my intuition right now?


Reading Summary:  My intuition is not so much being blocked as stolen (Seven of Swords) by a lack of inaction (Temperance) caused by constant changes (Wheel of Fortune).

Take Away:  The Wheel of Fortune is my year’s card, which has been pretty fitting so far this year.  I’ve been struggling a bit with the uncertain footing of constant changes.  Unlike the lack of footing that comes with striding into the dark, the lack of footing with constant changes is more like trying to walk in the middle of an earthquake.

This type of uncertain footing makes it difficult for me not to “stand back and wait” which is my natural reaction to that type of situation. The cards here are indicating that that reaction is siphoning off a level of my intuition, though.  Thus, perhaps it’s time to start figuring out how to walk on the constantly moving ground beneath my feet.


Support and Growth

IMG_2920Today’s meditation was just over twelve minutes long, and was about dealing with conflict and taking a moment to “step back” during times of conflict in order to see them from an “outside view” rather than internalizing and getting wrapped up in the moment.

The guided meditation also touched on one of the key tenants to my life, which is the assertion that conflict and difficulties are a part of our lives not to break us down, but rather to build us up and make us better and/or stronger.

Every once in a while I run across those that seem to refuse to see the negative things that have happened in their life in any sort of positive light.  Instead, they choose to cast themselves as a victim, and view this horrible thing in their life that happened as the “destroyer” of good in their lives.

I have a hard time with this perspective, and I’m not sure how to communicate with people about moving forward and strength when they so stubbornly stick to this viewpoint.  I always feel a desire to help, but how do you help someone that chooses to sit in the mud and won’t even consider the possibility of standing up?

Right, so that sort of went off on my own little tangent.  Sorry about that.

Two of Cups - Hush TarotToday’s draw is the Two of Cups, which is traditionally read as partnerships and themes to do with unity in the area of one’s emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.

What I see in this card is about support, though.  In the imagery both of the harpy women seem to be supporting each other on an emotional level.  It is in the tilt of the heads and angle of the chins.  There is sanctuary here in this partnership.  A connection that feels both familiar and familial.

The message for me in today’s card is that I need to make peace with those I love.  We support each other through the hard times, and are there for each other when needed.  Sometimes?  Conflicts happen.  But in the grand scheme of things, these conflicts are unimportant, and it’s the connection and support that matters.


#TarotForGrowthMarch Challenge Prompt
: Where would I most benefit from patience at this time?

Tarocco degli Animali

Reading Summary:  I need to make sure I’m not judging myself too harshly (Judgement) when it takes time to get the money together (Five of Coins)  to support my ambitions (Queen of Swords).  Don’t worry about the flow of money, forcing yourself into an even more stringent spendthrift will not make things move faster (Four of Coins).

Take Away:  The cards are indicating that I need to allow things to unfold at their own pace.  Making myself miserable by being miserly is not going to move things along any quicker.  Just let it move along at its own pace and practice patience.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2020 Challenge Prompt
: What area of my life is requiring too much sacrifice at this time?

Tarocco delle Vetrate

Reading Summary:  Trying to find a balance between bolstering my self confidence (Six of Wands) and protecting myself (Nine of Wands) is stealing away (Seven of Swords) my ability to get to where I want to be (Ten of Cups).

Take Away:  As I work at pulling myself out of the fog of uncertainty and self doubt that I’ve been experiencing for the past couple of months, I’m trying too hard to both open myself up to seeking out the light… and keeping a protective outer shell in place. 

These contrasting efforts are preventing me from getting to that place of contentment and abundance I seek in my personal life.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: How am I using my intuition in my life right now?

Jonasa Jaus Tarot

Reading Summary: I’m using my intuition to assist me in keeping myself afloat (Four of Wands) as I struggle with inner darkness (Devil) and healing from the damage and doubts that winter’s events cast upon me (Nine of  Swords).  Hidden behind that darkness I struggle with is the long term growth I’m seeking (Seven of Pentacles).

Take Away:  In my current situation, I am using my intuition as a life preserver to help me in keeping myself from sinking back into the fog.  Although not my only life preserver, it is helping me stay afloat so that I can keep moving forward.