Gideon’s Challenge

Cuddly Goodness


My little girl likes to snuggle.  Any time I lie down, she comes running to come curl up with me.  She might not stay long, but for at least a handful of minutes, she’ll cuddle up into me and knead while she purrs.  Usually, she seems to stay until I fall asleep, then wanders off.  Sometimes, she stays for hours.

It’s so nice.   I loved Meanie a lot, but she was never a cuddly cat.  She would lie ON me, but didn’t savor petting or want you to touch her in any way.   Luna, on the other hand, likes it if I pet her and often enjoys when I curl my arm around her when she cuddles in.

It soothes my heart and sometimes, when I ache, I take a few minutes to lie down just so that I can have those moments with her.