Think First

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Ravyness Drakon TarotToday’s draw is the Knight of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of a projective and active beta energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s thoughts, intellect, education, ambitions, and communication. This often translates into themes that have to do with pursuing one’s goals related to their education, actively seeking one’s goals, action and decisiveness,and at times can indicate impulsivity.

When being hardheaded is something you do well (the head piece on the dragon) it can sometimes be difficult to remember to take other’s feelings into consideration (the heart at the end of the dragon’s tail).

Jumping the gun or speaking out of turn can have unintended consequences. Take care with your words today and think before you speak. This is not a particularly positive message, which is my usual goal for my daily card… but it’s a message that needed to be heard today.

There is encouragement, though.  Encouragement that says you can do better with a bit more self awareness and compassion brought to the forefront to help you.

CrowSister’s #DeckStudyTenTrueWords Prompt
: Distill your reading of the card to your ten truest words.

Hurried words
are often lacking
the kindness
that others need


Lionharts’ #TheJanuaryTarot 2023 Year of Evolution Challenge Prompt
Question for January 30th
: How should I keep building on my January foundation in February?

Moonology Manifestation OracleFirst Quarter Moon in Virgo – Keep an eye on your situation and progress. Stay vigilant and watch for how the changes in how you did things this January may be altering how your mental health handles things in February.

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus – Give yourself credit where credit is due. You did a really difficult thing in changing your routine and trying something new this year.

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn – Do not let negative self talk creep in and ruin your progress or the possible positive results that could develop from this change. Your natural inclination towards pessimism and self-berating needs to take a back seat.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2023 Challenge Prompt
Question for January 30th
: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – Where in your life is having good boundaries a healthy and safe choice?

Ravyness Drakon TarotReading Summary: Rest and recovery is important (Four of Swords), as it helps you deal with unexpected changes (Wheel of Fortune) more gracefully instead of allowing them to overwhelm you (Eight of Wands).

Take Away: You have a tendency to work yourself too hard and push yourself too far, and then turn around and be cruel and unkind with yourself when you need to rest in order to recover from that treatment.

You will fare better in times of stress if you cut yourself a bit of slack and allow yourself the rest and recovery you need without the recriminations and negative self-talk.


Daily Self Kindness

I made sure to eat a healthy snack before bed instead of a bunch of unhealthy crap.

📆 Transitioning from January to February

Month End Tarot Reading with the Tarot Fauna Deck

Here and Now I Exist – Who you are now, in your entirety.

King of Shells – You are reclaiming your “top space” in your relationship right now. This reawakening feels good and empowering, instead of the heavy and cumbersome weight that you thought it would be.

The Slough – What is to be left in the past as you move forward.

Seven of Torches – Remember that you don’t have to be “on” all the time. It’s okay to look away now and then, and doesn’t mean that you’re slacking or devaluing what’s important to you.

What Lies Ahead – An ideal state or ideal self you are seeking at this time.

Queen of Feathers – You want to nurture others education and growth. This is one of the main reasons that you’re on the server, and that you enjoy interacting with others as a whole.

Limitations – Negative influences, opposition, or ill will.

Three of Torches – Take care to avoid those people and things that would try to pull your attention away from your chosen path. There’s a lot of potential distractions that can get in your way right now.  Make sure that you keep your eye on the ball concerning your journey and where you want to go.

The Boon – Positive influences, higher guidance, or divine intervention.

Four of Torches – Home is where the heart is. Instead of looking outward for what you need, turn around and look within.

The Wound – An unpleasant past experience or event that is ripe for some support and healing.

Two of Rocks – You’ve spent a lot of time unbalanced over the past few months. It’s time to find your balance once more so that you’re not left feeling adrift.

Nostalgia – A positive past experience or event to acknowledge, reflect upon, and enjoy.

Three of Shells atop The Hanged Man – The recent past has proven that spending time with others is more uplifting for you than too much alone time. Come out of your shell more, and let others in.

A Warning – Something coming that can be prevented or overcome.

The Wild – There doesn’t always have to be chaos going on and shit doesn’t have to be spinning out of control for you to feel your independence fully.

Empowerment – A future opportunity to work toward.

Seven of Shells – The sky’s the limit, but you can’t have it all. You have to choose wisely, instead of trying to fill up your arms with everything. The phrase “the sky is the limit” doesn’t mean that you can have everything you want, but it means you have the opportunity to choose.

Message from the Spirit World – Stability and chaos aren’t easy to balance. It’s better to choose. Which do you prefer?  And why do you keep choosing the other or trying to balance both?

Message from the Mind’s World – You don’t have to be emotional or logical… rather, it’s okay to be both. They don’t detract from one another, and doing so will put nothing important at risk.

Message from the Physical World – Remember what’s important and makes your life feel stable and secure. Hint… It’s not what you have, but who.


Preemptive Strikes

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Shadowseeker Tarot - Ace of CupsToday’s draw is the Ace of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of the seed of new beginnings in the area of one’s emotions, relationships, intuition, and creativity.

I have a hard time connecting with the imagery in this card.  It’s difficult for me to connect the choice of a crab with the Ace of Cups, and that throws me off a bit. What stands out to me the strongest in this card’s imagery, though, is the crab’s pincers.

I don’t know how common an experience it is to have experienced just how painful those pincers can be, but lemme assure you, it’s not a friendly sensation!

With the pincers front and center like they are, the message in today’s card is speaking about defense mechanisms, and is a reminder to take care that when you are feeling vulnerable in the grip of new emotions that you don’t take that out on others.

CrowSister’s #DeckStudyTenTrueWords Prompt
: Distill your reading of the card to your ten truest words.

Snapping at shadows
when feeling vulnerable
won’t make you stronger


Lionharts’ #TheJanuaryTarot 2023 Year of Evolution Challenge Prompt
Question for January 29th
: What have I manifested for myself since the start of January?

The Wanderer's Traveling Oracle DeckReading Summary: You pushed through with trying something new, even against feelings of resistance (Left Card), by coming together with others (statue in the Center Card at first looked like a collection of stones in a glass bottle) after the holiday rush, rather than closing yourself off. Giving yourself a chance to grow beyond old patterns (Center Card) and shrug off stagnancy (Right Card). Note the shift from darkness into light.

Take Away: The changes in your routine this year were hard to do and you’re still in limbo on if they will work out to your advantage and be a positive influence.  You did it though. You changed how you do things, and gave it a chance, and by stepping outside of your comfort zone you have provided the opportunity for those changes to influence the future and make things better.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2023 Challenge Prompt
Topic for January 29th
: Do Spread 4

Shadowseeker Tarot - Eight of Cups, King of Swords, Nine of SwordsHow do you most commonly misinterpret reading the cards for yourself?

Eight of Cups – You occasionally do not give yourself enough time to sit with the cards. By walking away too soon you may miss part of the message that need to be hear.

How do you most commonly misinterpret reading the cards for others?

Nine of Swords – You do not spend enough time allaying their fears and worries. Instead of moving on to helping them find a solution, spend more time lingering there in the fears they hold and in helping them with those fears and worries.

How can you improve at reading the cards so that it doesn’t keep happening?

King of Swords – Always remember the influence that your words have over others in a reading, and the negative influence that the cards can have over you in reading for yourself if you do not stay objective and unbiased.


Daily Self Kindness

I ate a LOT of food on someone else’s dime today.

❤️ Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Self Care Saturday Tarot Reading with the Tarot Fauna Deck and Lenormand by Carta Mundi

EarthTwo of Shells – The more time you share with those you love, the more steady and supported you will feel. You will be reminded this week that sometimes you need others in order to find your center and ground.

AirAce of Torches Rx – Set new ideas and inspirations aside for now. Write them down for later instead of trying to pursue them in the moment. You don’t need to add more to your plate at the moment, no matter how good the ideas seem.

WaterSeven of Torches – Take care to keep your focus on what you hold dear and important. Distractions may try to tear your attention away this week, but you need to keep your eye on the ball.  Segways may slip in and try to rain on your parade, but they don’t have to take over completely.

FirePage of Rocks Rx – As already indicated in the Air position of this reading, now is not the time to be starting new projects. Focus on what is already within your reach and leave those new shiny ideas where they lie for now.

WaningRing and Key – You know that subscription you’ve been considering? Don’t do it. Step away from commitments and any sort of contractual obligations this week. They may seem like the keys to success, but they are not.

WaxingMoon and Book – It’s time to step back into looking at your emotions and making a concerted effort towards expanding your emotional intelligence. Open the doors back to this line of growth now that things have calmed down from the holiday rush.

Take Away – There’s a lot of warnings here about starting new things and making sure you don’t add more responsibilities to your plate.  Make sure you stay away from adding on more obligations and projects right now and focus on what’s already right before you instead, and ensure that you are prioritizing appropriately instead of just letting chaos or chance make all the decisions for you.