Creativity Challenge Prompt

One of the things I do for the Discord server that I moderate is I’m in charge of what used to be the “Weekly Writing Prompt” challenge.   That recently expanded to include creativity of all sorts.

This week’s challenge is…

Create an additional card to add to a tarot deck you own.
(Example: A 23rd Major Arcana card or a 0 card to add to one of the Minor suits.)
Use any form of artistic expression you wish to create your response.
(Ex: drawing, painting, digital artwork, collage, scrapbooking, etc.)

Now, I need to precursor the results of this project by saying that I haven’t picked up a pen, pencil, or marker with the intent to draw anything in… it’s been at least five, maybe closer to eight years.   And I haven’t picked up a paint brush in at least ten or twelve years, maybe more.   So… I don’t think I did too bad, all things considered.

HungryThe Hungry

There was once a dragon that pissed off a wizard and as a result was transformed into a flower that resides within the wizard’s back yard.

If you find yourself visiting an old rickety house some day with a haint blue door and shutters the color of poppy flowers, check the back yard. Are there mangled and rusted metal parts half buried out there? If so, take care not to walk too close to the flowers.

And keep your shoes on!


The Water Sprite and The Tree Nymph – Story Time

Pull at least three cards and use them to… tell us a story about love at first sight.

Sad Story Tarot by Kwon Shina

The Water Sprite and The Tree Nymph

Once upon a time there was a handsome water sprite that had become inextricably tangled up (The Devil) within the reeds and weeds of a relationship with an evil overlord. (Emperor)

The overlord was cruel and manipulative, always controlling the water sprite’s every action and word through guilt and anger, and using the sprite to spread discontent over the land and hurt those that lived and played too near the sprite’s pond. (Hierophant)

The water sprite did not realize he was unhappy in this relationship, and had been within it so long that he had become deaf to his inner voice when it tried to speak up and tell him things were not right. Yet, the more time went on, the more the sprite withdrew from others in order to protect them from the overlord’s evil ways. (The Hermit).

Then one day while within the embrace of his solitude, the water sprite spied a tree nymph that he’d never seen in that part of the woods before. From his pond, the sprite watched the nymph dancing among the trees with fascination, peering from the shadows with wonder and awe. (The Hanged Man)

The water sprite watched from afar for a long time, and then came a day when the tree nymph danced much closer to the sprite’s pond.  In the water sprite’s excitement at this new proximity to the object of his fascination, he forgot himself and shared his admiration for the tree nymph with the overlord (Extra Card), who immediately began to simmer with jealous anger.

Making grand plans for using this situation to his advantage later on, the overlord sent the water sprite out to seduce the nymph, demanding that he get the fascination for the tree nymph out of the sprite’s system. (The Fool)

The overlord had used this tactic on him before, but the water sprite was so eager to follow the shinning spark in his heart that he leapt at the chance the overlord had given him. He seduced the tree nymph (The Lovers), and found that his need for the nymph did not become sated as it had in the past when this had happened.  Instead, each touch and taste only caused his need for the tree nymph to grow ever stronger (Wheel of Fortune). And thus he seduced the nymph again and then again, and with each seduction he became even more entangled within his feelings and fascination.

This enraged the overlord, who ranted and raged his displeasure and used everything in his vast arsenal to tear down the water sprite and rip him apart (The Tower) so that he could then bring the water sprite “back in line”. As a part of his plan to force the water sprite into submission, the overlord cast him out, severing their relationship, and the water sprite was left battered and bruised and lost in the forest of his guilt and emotions. (The Moon)

The tree nymph, having heard something had happened and that the water sprite was upset, approached the water sprite to offer comfort and friendship (Temperance). And, while doing so, unknowingly spoke magic words of wisdom that broke the spell of the overlord’s hold upon the water sprite (The Sun).

The reeds and weeds that the water sprite had been entangled within were cut away with these words, and the water sprite found that he could stretch himself tall and breathe fresh air once more. (Strength)

With this newfound strength, he could see clearly that the fascination that he had for the tree nymph was not fascination or obsession at all. It was love! (Death)

When the overlord came back to collect the broken water sprite, having believed he was leaving the sprite tangled up and withering in the tangled reeds of guilt and misery, he found instead that the water sprite was no longer tangled at all and had, in fact, slipped completely from the overlord’s reach. (Justice)

The water sprite had found his love, and his heart shone with it bright as any star in the sky (The Star). The tree nymph had given the water sprite his freedom, and the water sprite began a new journey. A journey out of reach of the overlord’s grasp. A journey filled with nurturing and love as he begins to endeavor to show the tree nymph just how good they could be… together. (Empress)



A Boy’s First Lesson – Story Time

Pull at least three cards and use them to… tell us a fairy tale story.

I Funghi più Belli del Mondo

A Boy’s First Lesson

There was once a young boy that spent all of his time under his father’s thumb being ground into the dirt. (Justice)

One day he decided to run away from home. He packed up his cherished possessions and tucked them away in his school bag, then in the dead of night he climbed out the window and slipped off into dark. (Chariot)

At first the night was very dark and he couldn’t see a thing. He felt that he was fumbling around in the dark. But the longer he was out in the night, the more his eyes adjusted until the starlight became shimmering flames in the sky to light his path. (The Star)

As he became aware of his surroundings, he realized things weren’t so bad after all. Sure they had been scary at first, but now under the soft light of the stars, he felt hope that he would do well on his own. (Wheel of Fortune)

When the moon rose, she cast deep shadows upon the road that caused the boy a bit of anxiety (The High Priestess), but he continued to move forward, unwilling to let go of his assertion that he could find something better for himself than what he’s left behind. (Strength)

As he walked along the side of the road, he came upon a tree whose branches stretched over the road, and from this tree’s branches hung a small spider spinning this way and that in the breeze. (Hanged Man)

Wanting to help the little spider, he pulled out the tin he’d used to hold his finest trinkets. Making room in the tin, he brought the tin up under the spider and caught the spider inside. He closed the lid and tucked the tin back away. (The Fool)

The boy wanted to help the spider, and so he did what he thought was right. (Judgement and Emperor) He continued on into the night until he found a place to camp for the night beneath a large oak, thinking that the oak would be the perfect place to set the spider free.

Pulling out the tin, he popped open the lid only to find the spider was no longer inside, and curled in the corner of the tin was a withered and crumbling husk of a tiny human-like creature with delicate, gossamer wings. (Death)

And thus, the boy’s first lesson in becoming a man is two-fold.  First, things are not always what they seem.  Second, sometimes you have to leave things as they are. What’s “right” for you may not be right for everyone, and by trying to conform others situations and beliefs to your own standards, you can sometimes do more harm than good…. no matter how altruistic your intentions may be.


The Forgotten – Story Time

Pull at least three cards and use them to… tell us a story about a pair of shoes.

Lighteater's Tarot

There’s smooth wood under the his soles as he sits on the porch. Once upon a time he was young and spry and new (Ace of Cups). But heat and cold and time has taken their tole upon him now and where once his soles were flat and strong, now they are brittle and curled slightly up at the toes. (Ten of Swords)

That’s because the leather is dry now. And as it dried, it made his toes curl up a bit, as giving him a different view over time. When first set here, he could see out over the wooden planks and watch the children play in the yard, the come and go of the mailman each day, and the passing of cars on the old dirt road.

But as toes curled, his view changed. Winter came and he watched the snow fall as temperatures plummeted, and then the world became warm again. Where once he could see the grass, by the time summer came again, he could no longer (Four of Swords). He couldn’t watch the boy that mows the lawn and dream about those grass stains anymore, instead his view began at the road and the trees on the other side, and just a peek of the sky (Four of Cups).

And he waited. Loyal and patient. He waited for someone to remember about the old pair of sneakers once new, and now long hidden under the rocker on the porch.

But winter came again and the cold gripped the world. The leather tightened further, dried out by the chill in the air (Nine of Swords), and his view again changed.

Now he can see the sky and the trees, but by the time summer comes again, the road is now gone. He sees planes that fly overhead, and watches the fall of rain as it splats and patters on the ground he can no longer see. Long nights filled with crickets songs and days filled with the squeak and slam of the screen door as the children come and go.

One day a windstorm came (imagery from the Three of Staves) and tossed branches from the trees nearby onto the porch, and during the cleanup that follows he is finally found. Alas! He is discovered! Picked up and brought inside, he is cleaned and moisturized, and his leather sighs in relief as oils are rubbed in (Princess of Cups) and he’s set upon the table to dry (Temperance).

For a full day, he watches the light come through windows and the comings and goings of the big, happy family (Ten of Cups). He is picked up by many, and tried on by some, and as night falls he thinks of his porch and the crickets and misses the moon (The Moon).

The next day, he is taken up and brought back outside, but he is not put on the porch. Instead, he is taken beyond the yard and along the road past the trees he’s known for so long (The Chariot). In town, he is handed to another and by the end of the day he is among other shoes (Seven of Cups), sitting on a box in a display window in town.

Then a day came while sitting in the window that a woman (Queen of Coins) and her small son stop to look inside and the little boy points to him through the glass (imagery on the Six of Cups).

They come inside, and in short order he is fitted on the little boy’s feet (Two of Cups). The boy wiggles his toes, tickling the shoes and causing a spark of glee, and the boy giggles happily in response to the energy created (Ace of Cups with Four of Staves).

The boy does not take off the shoes, but walks around the small shop with them on his feet as his mother deals with haggling and payment, and then… he tastes the joy of service after years of misuse (Six of Swords) as the little boy wears him out of the store and a new adventure begins. (Eight of Staves)



Turning the Tables

This week’s question from the Pagan Perspective YouTube channel is a bunch of questions the hosts have put together to ask the Pagan Perspective viewers.

Topic for the Week of 1/20: : Our turn to ask questions! This time last year, we asked our viewers some questions! They answered in the comments, or in video responses posted to their own channel. It’s been another year, so what questions do we have for our viewers now?


Monday Questions from Rich

What are your 2020 goals? And what steps are you taking to accomplish those goals?

I have a few goals for this year.  The biggest of them is restructuring how I run the business so that I can spend the lion’s share of the year catching up on administrative tasks and all the crap I’ve been putting off because it isn’t a part of the business I’m enthusiastic about.

As for the steps I’m taking.  I’m still struggling with getting on track with this, actually.  I know it’s a one-step-at-a-time process, but I really feel as if I’m moving at a snails pace.  Then again, this month has felt very discombobulated in nearly all areas of my life, so why should my goals be immune to that?

Who are your favorite authors?

Rick Hautala, Dean R Koontz (early works), Laurell K Hamilton, JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Anthony J Melchiorri, Adrienne Lecter… to name a few.  Obviously, I’m focusing on fiction with this question.

What tarot deck are you vastly consumed by the artwork of or the concept of?

The Stolen Child Tarot by Monica Knighton. This deck has started to actually overtake Tarot of the Hidden Realms, although at the moment they are about equal in my connections with them and preference for them.

What tarot deck do you love the concept of, yet find difficult to interpret?

The Wildwood Tarot.   I’ve written about this before, but it turns out the issue was the system attached to this deck.  After a few years intently studying this deck and the companion book, I finally cut off the titles on the cards.   Now?  It communicates beautifully.  Apparently?  It was the system that I was struggling with all along.

Do you craft?  What kind of things are you bringing to life as far as a crafting skill?

God yes.   In fact, I have so many different interests in the crafting department that I have a habit of overwhelming myself with projects and ideas.   I’m a jewelry designer and run a business with that particular craft which includes a variety of crafts including resin molding, dremel engraving, metal clay, wire wrapping, and more.  I also have projects that include nature photography, macro photography, fabric painting, scrapbooking/journaling, deck modification, etc.

What are some challenges that you are facing right now that you would care to share?  How are you doing with that?

My biggest challenge at the moment is the fact that intimidation and fear are holding me back and making me waver a bit concerning stepping forward into the goals and projects I had wanted to begin dealing with in the new year.    This involves not just my business, but also in the exploration of emotional depths that are new to me, and also the shadow work that I want to tackle.   I’m just having a hard time finding the “oomph” to push into these things as I’d like at the moment.


Tuesday Questions from Cara at cutewitch772

What are you reading currently, whether related to your spiritual path or not? Books, graphic novels, fiction or non-fiction?

I don’t read a lot of books cover-to-cover, primarily because I don’t really have the time for it.  Instead I mostly listen to audiobooks.   Since audiobooks are mentioned below, though, I figured I would add here the books on my nightstand that I am slowly working my way through, and that I occasionally use for stichomancy.

These books are “Why Can’t You Read My Mind?” by Jeffrey Bernstein, “You Already Know What To Do” by Sharon Franquemont, “Nocturnal” by Wilder, “I See You. I Am You.” by Casey Jo Loos, re-reading “Tarot Shadow Work” by Christine Jette, and “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

What about listening to — audio books, podcasts?

Currently I am listening to “The Dark Bones” by Loreth Anne White.  I listen to a lot of mystery themed books on audiobook, and I recently was given a huge list of mystery podcasts to listen to as well, which I’m excited about exploring.

What books or other resources would you recommend to other people to learn about the path YOU are on?

This is a really difficult one, as I didn’t learn my path from books and I rarely read books about paganism or witchcraft. What I would recommend to learn more about my path, though, is anything that has to do with indigenous plants of the pacific northwest and their uses medically, in alternative medicine, and in folklore and magical circles.

What different subjects or practices would you recommend someone learn about in order to get a sense of the many things that may make up your personal path?

Botany in the pacific northwest, magical herbalism, aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Wicca (sans the deity aspect), Buddhist ideology, non-theist spirituality, grounding via the earth, energy work and clairsentience, animism, forest bathing, liminal spaces and physical hedge walking, forest Fae and the mythos surrounding them, as well as the energy properties and spiritual uses of stones and crystals.

What are you watching? Movies, TV, etc.

Emergence, Bull, Stumptown, New Amsterdam, Stephen Colbert, Shadowhunters…. That’s about it currently for stuff I’m keeping up on.  I have quite a few things I want to watch, but I don’t have a lot of time for that sort of thing.   I also like The Price Is Right, Family Feud, and America Says.

Tea or coffee, or both, or neither?

I actually prefer water and milk, to be honest.   But I do also drink herbal teas and hot cocoa.  I do not drink caffeinated tea or coffee, as my energy reacts unpleasantly to caffeine.  I also don’t drink sodas, because I find them too sweet and I find the sensation of carbonation to be unpleasant.

What area do you live in, and what season is it currently? How do the local climate, flora, and fauna influence your practice (if at all)?

I live in the pacific northwest.  Specifically, in the peninsula area of Washington State of the USA.  It is currently winter here, and we just had what is very likely the only snow that we’ll have all year just last week.  It’s already melted away.

As is obvious by my previous answers, the flora of this region are very strongly incorporated within my practice, which includes a good deal of herbalism and plant energy, and a lot of bonding with the rainforests of the area and the liminal spaces found there. I have a special connection with cedar trees, sword ferns, and lichen, as well as damp earth.

Do you grow plants — either indoors or out — at all? If so, what kinds?

I grow plants indoors year round, and most of them are rotated out regularly as I am often rehabilitating plants that are in need of some TLC and have been brought to me by others.  I nurse them back to health, and then give them back.   Permanent residents in my home include a medium sized peace lily plant, a couple of Christmas cacti, and a crapload of aloe plants.

Outdoors in my personal space, I grow plants on my balcony including flowering annuals, a lilac tree, herbs and ivy, as well as cultivating a healthy diversity of indigenous ferns, lichen, and mosses.

Outside of my personal space, I work for a farm that grows raspberry, corn, and pumpkin crops.  I also work part time in a (primarily) advisory position for a local nursery where I am responsible for monitoring plant health and teaching employees how to best care for the plants, and handle pests and disease. During the summer months, I also “moonlight” from time to time for a local landscaping company when they need extra help.

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you think it’s influenced by the music you were exposed to growing up?

I listen to just about anything but country music, as the twang in country music makes me twitch.  My current preferences seem to rotate around a blend of indie music and k-pop featuring male vocals.  I have gone through phases in the past where I’ve enjoyed classic rock, 80s alternative, techno / electronica, dance, 70s rock, and a variety of other venues. I also very much enjoy classical music, especially where the cello is featured prominently in the pieces, as well as crooners of the 50s and 60s.

I don’t think my preferences really influenced at all by what I was exposed to growing up, but has a good deal to do with my synesthesia and whether I find a song pleasurable or unpleasant in relation to my synesthesia reactions.

Do you use music in ritual and other spiritual practice, even if it’s not “Pagan music”? If so, what kind of music and how is it used?

I don’t.  Not that I haven’t and wouldn’t be willing to under certain circumstances, but I don’t want the distraction of music during my spiritual practices, and due to my synesthesia, music is very often a distraction beyond just background noise that most people find it to be.


Wednesday Questions from Yucca at Magic and Mundane

What is paganism to you?

The basis of my existence.  I’m not entirely sure how to explain this, but it is the foundation upon which how I see the world and how I see that it works.  A basis for reality as I know it.

What is your vision for the role that paganism will play in your life in the future?

The same.  I grew up in a faith that didn’t quite fit, but was close.  And when I struck out on my own I honed that path to the one that fits for me.  I’m very comfortable in my path and happy with it.  I’m open to adaptation and adjustment as new ideas and experiences shape my view of both the world and reality, but I doubt sincerely that I’m going to be making any major life-altering changes in this area.

What would you want to see Paganism becoming both in society, but also as a community? Where would you like to see it going or see happen?

Acceptance has been a slow thing coming concerning religious diversity in the world, and to be honest… also in the pagan community.    In both cases you have those that insist that their way is the only way, and wish to force others into boxes that do not fit them.  I would like to see this become less and less of an issue over time.


Thursday Questions from Meghan aka. Subirasri

What does being Pagan bring to your life?

Refreshment of my soul and a depth of connection with nature.  Being pagan is that “good morning” stretch and deep breath of air outdoors on a crisp morning after a long, cozy sleep under warm blankets.

What spiritual goal do you have for this year for yourself?

I would like to do some work with the shadow that I encountered last fall, although I’m not sure if that’s a spiritual goal so much as a self-care goal with a spiritual aspect.  I would also like to find the pathway that will allow for contact, communication, and a chance to get to know my guides… as opposed to ignoring their presence and allowing them to just “do their thing” in the background.

What progress would you like to see the Pagan community make this year?

I answered this above in the Wednesday questions, but I would very much like to see more acceptance of diversity.


Friday Questions from Alduin Royeau

What pagan based practice do you preform to protect yourself and family from sickness such as the flu?

I don’t have anything that is targeted directly at the flu or colds, things like that.  I do regular cleansing, and I have wards in place for negative energies.

What do you think a Pagan based Ghost show would look like?

Probably people helping spirits with closing out their unfinished business so that they can move on.

Are you able to see, hear, or smell things from the other side?

I cannot.  Apparently, if last fall was any indication, I do have some latent mediumship ability, but it is unexplored.

Rule of Three – Story Time

Pull at least three cards and use them to explain…
…and that’s why dividing by three is illegal.

Forest Creatures Tarot

There was once a fairy princes that always longed for adventure and spent much time looking out at the horizon beyond the Lands of Faerie daydreaming about the day she could take off and find her own adventures. (Two of Wands)

With her friend, the Blue Jay, she made fantastic plans of where she wanted to go and all of the things that she wanted to do.  They discussed the world beyond the Lands of Faerie and the Blue Jay told the fairy princess many stories about how fantastic and adventurous life was beyond the horizon’s veil. (Three of Wands)

One day, after a particularly trying bit of conflict with her father, the fairy princess had had enough, and she began making plans to leave the Lands of Faerie for the world beyond the veil.   With her friend, the Blue Jay, she plotted her course and then slipped sneakily free of the big wise Oak her family had called their home for centuries.  (Eight of Cups)

Together they traveled a long distance, further and far beyond any she’d traveled before.  She trusted the Blue Jay to keep her safe and guide her way, but when they reached the veil and the gate that would lead beyond it, she was confronted by the gate keeper.

He asked her if this is what she really wanted?  If she abandoned the Land of Faerie, she would not be allowed to come back.   He set before her nine walnut shells and told her to choose only one.  That the answer would be hidden beneath the walnut shell, if she would turn it over to look. (The Hierophant)

Instead, she divided the nine into three and turned them over to reveal the hidden objects within.  In one was a teardrop.   Another held a gold coin.  In the third was a locket that held  pictures of her family inside.

Believing this meant that she was destined to go through the veil, she darted forward through the opening and through the veil, casting Faerie aside forever… and disappeared into the ether of nevermore.

And in the Land of Faerie, this is why it is illegal to divide by three.  For if the princess had chosen just one walnut shell, she would have received the locket alone.  A locket filled with memories to remind her of all that is good.   Instead, she chose three, and the message was confused in the translation… and she was lost to her family and the Land of Faerie forevermore. (Nine of Swords)


Using Visualization in Spellcraft

This week’s question from the Pagan Perspective YouTube channel is about visualization and how it’s used in one’s practice and in everyday life.


Topic for the Week of 1/13: Although the word makes us think only of vision and our sense of sight, the practice of visualization involves any and all senses, not just sight but also scent, sound, touch, and even taste…”

There are multiple questions included in the continuation of the topic for this week, so I am going to break those questions up below, because I think it’ll be easier to answer that way, rather than taking the whole thing on at once.   So…

1) Do you practice this skill or use it in your path?

Oh hell yes.  All the time.  Anyone that reads a book and imagines what’s going on in the book in your head, or writes fiction, or daydreams about this or that is doing visualization.

In spellcrafting, especially, it is an extremely valuable tool used to set intentions and direct energy into those intentions.

It is also an excellent method of meditation.  One of my favorite meditations when I was first starting out at meditation was to visualize peeling and eating an orange, as it is one that has a very distinctive and strong ability to incorporate all five senses.

2) What do you actually DO when you ‘visualize’ something?

Visualization triggers the parts of the brain that have to do with receptors for each of your senses.   So it’s not just “thinking” about doing something, but awakening those parts of the brain that register sensation and… well, playing with them.

3) Do you find that it comes easily to you, or do you struggle with it?

I’ve been doing visualization all my life, both in my practice and path, as well as in the day to day.  So it’s not really something I think about anymore, to be honest.

4) Are certain inner senses easier to use than others? For example some people may find inner sight difficult, but hear things easily, and so on.

Because of my synesthesia, the hearing one always feels a bit weird because with visualizations it doesn’t always kick in as it does with actual auditory input.   But other than that… not really.  I would say that visualization-wise, my sense of smell is the weakest.

5) What do your physical eyes ‘see’ when you visualize something?

They don’t.   I don’t hallucinate when visualizing.  Whatever I’m visualizing plays out in my mind, not in the physical world in front of me.

6) Do you have any tips for others working on this skill? For those who struggle, what are other things that can be done instead?

I think a lot of people don’t realize that creative writing is a type of visualization.  That reading a work of fiction is a type of visualization.   They think that it’s some esoteric skill they can’t tap into, but have been doing it all along and not realizing it.   Use those ways of visualizing that are familiar to you and take steps to begin reaching beyond them.

Instead of reading a book, make up a story in your head.  Pay attention to what you’re doing in your head beyond just producing words, yeah?  Do you see your character doing those things?   Can you feel what that character feels?   That is visualization.   Practice and pay attention, yeah?

7)  Does struggling with visualization prevent growth in our practice?

I believe it could.   Without visualization, the energy placed into intention setting wouldn’t have the same kind of -drive- behind it.  That drive is what pushes the energy forward into creating the results you seek, so I sort of wonder if spellcasting without it would even work?   I’m not sure, as this isn’t a problem I deal with personally.


The Three Sisters – Story Time

Pull at least three cards and use them to…
…tell a  story about an argument between siblings.

Fey Tarot

Annabelle, Beatrice, and Nora are three sisters living under the same roof with completely different goals.  Living together is stressful because they each have such different personalities.

Coming into the kitchen one morning, the ever impulsive Annabelle (Knave of Pentacles) announces, “I’m taking the car today.  None of you need it and I have a hot date with my boyfriend (Three of Pentacles) later to play DND with some friends (Ten of Pentacles).”

Beatrice, the benevolent older sister of the three (The Empress), looked over with a frown from where she was cooking at the stove, “You are going to need to wait until later.  I need the car to go to the grocery store and run some errands. You can have it when I’m done.” (The Chariot)

At that moment, soft spoken Nora lifts her head off the table where she’d appeared to be napping. (Four of Swords)  “I don’t feel very good,” she says, “Do you think someone could take me to see my counselor?” (Three of Swords)

Annabelle knows better than to argue with Beatrice, but she’s seething on the inside at this interruption in her plans today.   So it’s not a surprise that when the youngest sister, Nora, speaks up that the scowl on her face is supremely displeased and her glare in Nora’s direction is seething. (The Seer)

“You don’t need to go see the counselor,” snaps Annabelle, worried that now her plans are dashed and she won’t be able to have the car at all. “Stop being such a whiner!”

“Annabelle!” Scolds Beatrice with a glare at her selfish younger sister. “WHAT has gotten into you?   Why don’t you go study for that exam that you have to take on Friday. (Eight of Pentacles) You can have the car when I get back.”

Beatrice then turns to Nora and comes to sit down beside her.  Putting her arm around the youngest sister, she gives the girl a comforting hug.  “I think that the office is closed today, Nora.  But how about you come with me to run errands and I’ll take you to the pet shop to visit with all the animals. (The Magician)  You really like that.   Then you and I can come home and veg out in front of the tv and talk about what’s bothering you. (Two of Chalices) Okay?”

Nora leans her head on her sister’s shoulder and nods.  Beatrice always knows what to do to help make her feel better and keep Annabelle from getting too mean (Strength), and having some time alone with her without Annabelle’s chaotic energy always feels good (Four of Wands).

As Annabelle grouses under her breath and heads upstairs to study (Eight of Pentacles), Nora follows Beatrice to go get on her coat.  Beatrice’s promise to go see the animals has created a spark of excitement within her for the day of head that she’d been lacking just a short time earlier (Queen of Wands).



Playing Favorites

So, Pagan Perspective is back online after their winter break and did new videos this week, but I felt very uninspired by the topic, which is about looking back at 2019 and ahead into 2020 and what our plans are.   I’m a bit burnt out on the whole transition from 2019 to 2020.   It seems to be all that’s focused on at this time of year from YouTube videos to writing prompts, tarot prompts, journal entries, etc.

So… I decided to do a different topic for this week.  Namely, since a few days ago I focused on what my favorite Major Arcana card in the tarot is (The Hanged Man), I thought today I would focus on a similar question.

Topic for the Week of 1/6: What is the card that you identify with most strongly from the Minor Arcana?  And, if it is different, what is your favorite card from the Minor Arcana?

Two of Pentacles

This is probably not surprising, but in the Minor Arcana, I associate most strongly with the Two of Pentacles.   I struggle with finding balance, and when I look at the imagery on most two of pentacles, that’s exactly what I see.   I see an eternal juggling of responsibilities, as I seek a balance that works for all.

The relationship and identifying I feel with this card isn’t surprising.  I hold down between three and five part time jobs depending on the season, plus run a home business.  I’m on my building’s administration board, and in a long distance relationship that requires my time and attention.  Add into this family responsibilities, medical responsibilities, and all the other things that make up a life as well as my own personal self care?   It’s a lot to keep in balance as the needs and responsibilities for each element are constantly changing.

Sometimes it feels like juggling and sometimes it’s even fun, other times it feels overwhelming, but it is a never ending task, which is what I see the infinity loop around the pentacles as being a symbol of in the card’s imagery.

Ten of Swords

Unlike in the Major Arcana where my favorite card and the card I identify strongest with are the same card, in the Minor Arcana this isn’t the case.

In the Minor Arcana, my favorite card in a tarot deck is the Ten of Swords.

This is because I appreciate a good warning that something’s coming that’s really going to hurt. I do predictive readings, and to me? That’s what this card says most often. It says, “Take a breath and keep moving. This shit is really going to hurt.”

It can also often feel a bit like compassionate understanding that sometimes to move through something or move on from something? It has to hurt… and that that’s natural and okay.

Waxing Poetic – The Hanged Man

The Major Arcana card that identify most strongly with, and what it means to me.


The Hanged Man reminds me that each hurdle I come upon (of which there have been many, and will surely be many more) is an opportunity for betterment in some way, not a road block.

The card says to me that it’s okay to have a life filled with struggles and hurdles, strife and discord, woe and adversity. These things are lessons in life that teach me how to become better. Better at the things I want to do… Better at the way I find my joy… And, just an all around better person as a whole.

The Hanged Man is a reminder that these things are there not to drag me down and make me miserable. Instead, they are there to create perspective, wisdom, and strength, as well as to foster deeper roots within myself and my life with which to anchor me through the hardest parts, like a tree standing strong in a storm is anchored deep within the soil.

Learning lessons and learning different perspectives is not always pleasant. It’s painful and uncomfortable and extremely awkward. To me the Hanged Man is a representation of how these struggles hold immeasurable worth, if I’m willing to look beyond the discomfort to see what’s waiting there for me to learn.