📆 Transitioning from April to May

Month End Tarot Reading with the Anima Mundi Tarot and The Energy Archaeology Oracle

Here and Now I Exist – Who you are now, in your entirety.

The Sun (Horse) and Release – You have (quite literally) been purged clean both physically and emotionally over the past week and you are now at a place where, with all that has been released, you have the opportunity to start again upon your path lighter and cleaner than before. This allows for the opportunity to focus on healthier and happier energies than before.

The Slough – What is to be left in the past as you move forward.

Queen of Cups (Humpback Whale) atop Six of Pentacles, Supporting – Allowing your self-care and how you treat yourself to be dictated by your emotions needs to be left behind. You should be supporting yourself no matter where you are emotionally. Generosity and support towards oneself is not meant to be tied to one’s emotions.

What Lies Ahead – An ideal state or ideal self you are seeking at this time.

Ten of Pentacles (Red Wolf) and Grace – Healthy, happy and hail, along with the ability to balance rest and recovery with active pursuit of your goals. No more fumbling around in a fog, but instead a clear objective combined with healthy balance.

Limitations – Negative influences, opposition, or ill will.

Ace of Cups and Open – Be careful who you are letting into your “circle” right now. Being too open, forgiving, or invested in these new relationships and outside influences at this time can have a negative effect that you won’t want to have to deal with.

The Boon – Positive influences, higher guidance, or divine intervention.

Strength (Hercules Beetle) and Refine – Pull from your inner strength to do the things that you know need to be done to help yourself feel better and become stronger. You know what these things are, and you need to work at doing them even when you feel uninspired to do so. Tap in to your inner strength to find the willpower to get them done, even when you don’t necessarily want to.

The Wound – An unpleasant past experience or event that is ripe for some support and healing.

Death (Death Adder) and Power – There have been a number of experiences in the past couple of years where you’ve had to deal with feeling powerless (and helpless) in the face of change, and this has caused a disenchantment of late in life as a whole. It’s time to delve into these feelings and help restore faith in your personal empowerment, even (or especially) in the face of change.

Nostalgia – A positive past experience or event to acknowledge, reflect upon, and enjoy.

Five of Wands (Antelope) atop King of Pentacles (Grizzly Bear), Potential – Empowerment comes in many different guises, and you need to remember and reflect upon those times when you have fought for what you believe in, having held strong and solid to defend and protect what is important to you. There is potential to carry this energy forward with you now, and allow it to lift you up and strengthen your resolve in the areas that need it.

A Warning – Something coming that can be prevented or overcome.

Five of Pentacles, Activating atop Belonging – Keep an eye out for scarcity issues that may start creeping in and influencing how you see the world as well as your own behavior. You can circumvent this process by staying actively vigilant and ensuring when you see signs of it coming that you don’t ignore it or shut it out, but deal with it instead.

Empowerment – A future opportunity to work toward.

Two of Pentacles and Co-creation – An opportunity for collaboration with others that will allow you to find a better balance in the different aspects of your own life.

Message from the Spirit World – Feeling like an outcast sucks. Make sure that you are aware of when you feel this sneaking up on you, and when those feelings are being displayed in others. Use your inner compass and strengths to bring these issues forward and help work them out with others so balance can be restored.

Message from the Mind’s World – Finding the emotional support needed to let yourself let go of the past can help you in finding peace and better appreciate the present.  Only through forgiveness can this freedom truly be found.

Message from the Physical World – You have a chance at this time to release bad habits and other treatments of your physical self, and leave them behind.  Powering through isn’t the answer, and there’s a great deal of opportunity as you move past being sick to find a better path that will provide a stronger foundation for you to stand upon.


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