Taking Time For Gratitude

IMG_6190Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and was a guided meditation with interval timer for my piriformis stretches.   The guided part of the meditation was about support.  Specifically, about asking for support from those around you when you need it, and accepting help when it’s offered instead of turning it away out of pride or other misguided emotions.

This is something in myself that I’ve been doing a lot of work with this year.  I struggle with asking for help, and to be honest?  I feel like I’m supposed to be able to do everything my damned self.  So when I then ask for help it’s not so much a blow to my pride as a consternation of a job not well done.   Add on top of that the feeling of inconveniencing others with what I consider to be my responsibilities and… yeah.

But, in working on restructuring how I deal with my responsibilities, I have been trying to ask for help more, and accept it whenever it is offered instead of waving it off with gratitude.

Hush Tarot - Nine of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Nine of Pentacles, which is a representation of independence combined with taking stock of what you have.  This is about self-sufficiency, as well as gratitude for the abundance you have in your life and what you have accomplished.

What stands out to me the strongest in this card is the woman herself and the feathers that she wears.  This is because the woman looks very similar to a character in a movie I watched recently.  I’ve tried all damned day to try and remember the name of the movie, but it just isn’t coming to me.  The thing is, though…. this woman?  Is the spitting image of that one.  I couldn’t get the comparison out of my head.

As today is self care Saturday, I feel that this card today isn’t about the imagery so much about the meaning of the card itself.  It’s about not allowing the pessimism and negative inner dialog to grab hold.  It’s an encouragement to count my blessings and focus upon  gratitude for the abundances in my life.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2020 Challenge Prompt
: What am I ignoring that needs rooted out and dealt with?

20th Century TarotReading Summary: The go-get’em push of passion and drive (Knight of Wands) clobbering emotional wealth (King of Cups).

Hope (The Star) overshadowing despair (Three of Swords) and allowing that hope to lean into the innocent enthusiasm of youth (The Fool).

The three cards at the end are (yet again) about moving carefully and taking care (Knight of Pentacles) as I choose my battles (Five of Cups).   The advice here being not to allow naivete and foolishness to overcome my  caution (the two cards atop The Fool).

Take Away: This deck has a really interesting way of speaking.

The answer to what needs rooted out and dealt with is my impulsivity and negativity.  The cards here (rightly) indicate that there are times when these two things feed off of each other and create disappointing or even heartbreaking situations that could otherwise have been avoided with a bit of caution and restraint.  Taking your time at something isn’t a bad thing, no matter how much it sometimes feels like it should be.


One thought on “Taking Time For Gratitude

  1. I think for you, taking your time is difficult because there is so much “rush rush rush” going on that you feel there isn’t time to slow down. This is especially true during the lead up and commencement of the holiday rush, but even in the slower times…you just don’t have alot of time on your hands to dally about. You are always busy, you always have a million things waiting in the wings and even just taking some time to rest and enjoy yourself can be a difficult endeavor to manage…so taking your time is hard, yeah?

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