Systems of Correspondences

Today’s prompt is brought to you by one of the Discord servers that I am a member of.  Just as a side note… the reason I do not link these Discord servers is because each server has their own rules about if you’re allowed to share them publicly and how, and it’s a pain in the ass to look it up for each one so I just don’t share them.

On to the question… “What systems of correspondences do you tend to work with most? How do they play a part in your practice? (Ie: the cardinal directions, elements, magickal herbs, etc)


The Elements – These are essentially the touchstones of my craft.  I do not have five points when I create a circle.  I have four.  This is because the representative for “spirit” resides inside the circle, not at one of the outer edges.  I (not surprisingly) connect most strongly to the element earth, with water following close behind.  Then air… and lastly fire, which is an element I’ve never had a very close affinity with.   The elements in spellcraft and my path align up with the same correspondences that you see for the elements in the tarot.  That is to say….

Fire (Wands) represents the inner spark of passion, willpower, and drive.
Water (Cups) represents the emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.
Air (Swords) represents the mind, intellect, and communication
Earth (Pentacles) represents the physical realm including health, resources, finances, etc.

Spirit/Divinity – As previously mentioned, for me spirit/divinity is not a point upon the circle’s perimeter (not that I cast circles all that often), but resides at the center of that circle. Spirit/Divinity (in my practice), is defined as the energies of creation, evolution, and balance.  Because of its distinction as being separate from “The Elements”, I gave it its own section in these correspondences.

Plants of All Kinds – I’ve always been very connected with plants and rich, moist soil. I have two green thumbs and eight green fingers, and I love plants of all kinds so much so that my university education was focused in the areas of botany and horticulture.  It is no surprise, then, that plants and soil would be something that I incorporate strongly into my spellcraft and practice both through their spiritual symbology, practical uses, medicinal uses, and otherwise.

Lunar Cycles – I depend on the cycles of the moon to lend energy to both my spellcraft and my gardening.  You can learn more about that latter part here:  Farmer’s Almanac – Why Garden By The Moon

Seasonal Cycles – My wheel of the year is built around seasonal cycles (as opposed to the god/goddess journey or whatnot).  My celebrations align with the solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter points lined out by seasonal changes. Which, I suppose, means it could also be said that I work with weather cycles as well.

Stones and Minerals (esp. semiprecious stones and precious stones) – I’m a jeweler.  I make amulets and pendulums and other magically enhanced items.  It would be weird to me to do this without using the appropriate stones in the process.

Colors – This one is more rare, but there are magical correspondences that have to do with colors, especially when using candle magic, thread and knotting magic, etc.  I do occasionally incorporate this into my spellcraft, but not all that often.

I’m sure there are plenty more that I’ve not included, but this is a list of some of those I use most often.

One thought on “Systems of Correspondences

  1. *Grins* I love reading through these things as I find it so very interesting, and because it is a part of you…even moreso interesting. I love you, precious.

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