No Offense Taken

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, And focused on how to deal with criticism in a way that is excepting and calm, rather than taking immediate offense.

An interesting thing about today’s meditation is that I do my card draw before I meditate, and yet both the card and the meditation tie into each other very clearly today.

The guided meditation spoke on how it is important to listen, even when what you’re hearing is criticizing and negative. Even these messages from people sometimes have something you can learn from them, and take away on a positive note.

Today’s draw is the Five of Wands, which is a representation of trials, conflict, struggles, strife, and harshness in the area of one’s drive, passion, willpower, and inner spark.

The Five of Wands has made an appearance today to remind me that it’s OK to have differences of opinion, and to listen rather than trying to speak over other people or disregard their perspectives.

This is a good message for me today, as I don’t always get on well with my mother and her opinions and values.

The Five of Wands in today’s draw is a reminder that that’s okay. They are her values and perspectives, not mine. And in the end, it’s possible I might learn something new from just sitting back and listening to what she has to say with an open mind, rather than ignoring or taking offense.

One thought on “No Offense Taken

  1. That card is adorable, love

    And while -some-criticism might be helpful and constructive, I have known you too long and “seen” the way your family(your mother included) treat you and I don’t think her criticism is all that constructive or well meaning. So while it’s great that you can remain calm and open minded about what she’s saying, remember this message and do NOT take to heart what she says or allow it to hurt or belittle you.

    You are amazing…keep that message in mind day.

    I love you

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